Welcome to IOX-WALD.

Embraced with the dynamism of Mt. Iozen in Nanto, Toyama Prefecture, time passes slowly here in IOX-WALD. Our Swiss style cottages will fully refresh your mind and body. Have a precious time with your kindred-spirit company to your heart content, at our cottages rich in atmosphere of Swiss Alps.




eng_2Enjoy the vast nature being away from your daily life.
Our cottages are for 4-to-20-person’s use. All cottages offer relaxing wooden space and guarantee a comfortable stay. Well equipped with kitchen and bathroom, suitable for various uses.

eng_6Have fun at our all-weather barbeque facility.
Our barbeque house can easily fit a large number of guests.
We proudly offer a splendid view and plentiful barbeque course using locally-produced fresh vegetables.
We have a wide variety of menus at the restaurant depending on the season. Have a relaxing time in our commodious space.

Area guide
eng_7Have fun in the nature.
In the park surrounded by abundant green where offers a spacious view of Sankyoson (the disperse-houses village), park golf, a dog run and trekking are very popular.
Seasonal flowers vividly cover your sweet memory.
In the winter, you can enjoy snowboarding and skiing.
 restaurants and ski rental shops are built close by, allowing you to come and stay without much luggage.


Arosa village, Saikawashichi, Nanto, Toyama Prefecture, 939-1681
Telephone 0763-55-1969   Open throughout the year   Operation hours 8:00 to 17:00